When you’ve decided to sell your home, making improvements will not only help sell it faster, but also earn top dollar for it. Well, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars staging your home for sale; it can pay to touch up the painting. Applying fresh paint is a fairly simple and more economical way that gives the impression of a well maintained home.

Our professional team of Eden Prairie painting contractors at Fresh Coat Painters, agree these are the 9 essential touchups every home seller should consider:

1. Front door
You will never get another chance to make a first impression, therefore it’s very crucial to ensure that the front door is well painted. Even if your house looks great on the inside but frumpy from outside, you can’t get prospective buyers on your door because they often can’t see past your door to what’s most important about a house. Basically, a fresh coat makes a great first impression.

2. Entrance hall

This is where potential buyers get their initial hint of the interior of your home. Be sure to clean every surface and then touch up the areas where the paint shows scratches or spots. In fact, it would be best to apply a new coat and neutral-colored paint is the most recommended.

3. Kitchens and Bathrooms

Prospective buyers carefully inspect the kitchen and bathroom, so these rooms need special attention. Paint as required and don’t forget to put some extra efforts into the bathroom, which many of the buyers will be much interested to check. The size of the kitchen matters, that’s why you need to paint your kitchen white or beige to make it look bigger. Also, remove any food stains from the walls and cover up the water spots simply by applying a basic cover, which should be followed by some touch up paint.

4. Windowsills

Windowsills also need your attention. Make sure that you sand and paint the stained and polyed windowsills as desired.

5. Door frames, window frames, and door edges

These areas usually come in contact with dirty hands, therefore should be inspected carefully. Clean these areas if they are dirty. For instance, if you use a shiny paint but this technique doesn’t work as expected, you can apply some touch-up paint.

6. Woodwork

Sincerely, touching up woodwork is one of those tasks we all put off but are crucial. The easy way to go is to touch up stained or whittle paint on the chair rails as well as floor molding.

7. Cabinet doors

Make the cabinet doors spotless clean, and if it’s possible, you can touch up the painted areas.

8. Ceiling

If your ceiling has water stains caused by old roof leaks, it’s very important that you repaint these affected areas, of course after making sure that your roof is fixed properly.

9. Remaining walls and painted surfaces

Inspect the remaining walls, as well as the painted surfaces, and look for stray spots of paint, marks and stains, then cover them up them with some touch-up paint.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, your home will be ready for sale. All of us here at Fresh Coat Painters of Eden Prairie recommends the touch-ups not only to home sellers, but also to other homeowners who wish to keep their homes well maintained.

By contacting us, you are assured of the finest results worth your investment. Among the areas we service include Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Edina, Minnetonka, Bloomington, and Chanhassen, MN.

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