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IdeaPaint MN Exclusive installer | Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce Fresh Coat Painters office painting dry erase, whiteboard (952) 222-4062Brainstorming or creating, whether with your team or by yourself, is always better when you are not limited by an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper or endless post-it notes. IdeaPaint™ allows you to spread out and ‘write on the wall’ for limitless expression and visual support. Fresh Coat Painters of Eden Prairie is the exclusive provider of IdeaPaint™ dry erase paint in the Twin Cities area.

“We think that in the same way you can define space by painting on a wall, you can now define space with the whiteboards. You can set up a workspace, an environment for creativity, anywhere you want,” says Primo Orpilla. He is the award-winning co-founder, with Verda Alexander, of Studio O+A, the San Francisco design firm responsible for ground-breaking workplace designs at Facebook, AOL, Microsoft, Yelp, Levi Strauss, and many other companies. Orpilla has designed a range of furniture harnessing IdeaPaint’s writable surface technology and it’s pretty much rewriting the rules as far as where and how people can work and generate ideas in the workplace.  onOffice Magazine July 2016

Dry Erase Paint at Home = Expression, Creation and Organization

dry erase paint | Eden Prairie Fresh Coat Painters home painting 952-222-4062White board, dry erase paint, allows families to engage, get creative, stay organized, and have fun together. Transform walls and objects in your kitchen, home office, kid’s bedroom, laundry room, game room, or mudroom. The options are endless when it comes to the spaces and places in your home that could use IdeaPaint.

IdeaPaint™ Dry Erase Paint

IdeaPaint exists to inspire and encourage everyone, every day to reach their creative and productive potential. Their signature product, is a high-performing dry erase paint, that transforms virtually any smooth surface into an erasable canvas, giving people the space they need to fully explore their big ideas. The magic of IdeaPaint lies in its ability to convert passive space into active environments—to spur the collaborative spirit that lives within all of us, and accelerate ideation for better, faster results.

dry erase paint | Eden Prairie Fresh Coat Painters home office painting 952-222-4062IdeaPaint has brought the human element back to more than 150,000 offices, schools and homes around the world by simply getting people on their feet, working together and exploring their creativity wherever ideas happen. The company has been celebrated by the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Fast Company and CNBC as a tool that has a profound impact on the process, experience and outcome of bringing ideas to life.

Create a space that fosters creativity and improves productivity!

By contacting us, you are assured of the finest results worth your investment. Among the areas we service include Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Edina, Minnetonka, Bloomington, and Chanhassen, MN.


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